Concrete Next Steps For Scala Macros (slides/video) San Francisco, Jun 2017

Scala.Meta Semantic API (slides) Kraków, Mar 2017

A New Macro System For Scala (slides) London, Dec 2016

Scala.meta: the Past, the Present, and the Future (slides) San Francisco, Nov 2016

To Macros and Beyond! (slides) Rome, Jul 2016

Metaprogramming 2.0 (slides) Berlin, Jun 2016

What Did We Learn In Scala Meta? (slides) Kraków, Feb 2016

Hands on Scala.Meta (workshop) Penrith, Sep 2015

State of the Meta, Summer 2015 (slides) Amsterdam, Jun 2015

Semester Projects, Fall 2015 (slides) Lausanne, May 2015

State of the Meta, Spring 2015 (slides) San Francisco, Mar 2015

State of the Meta, Fall 2014 (slides) Minsk, Nov 2014

MorphScala: Safe Class Morphing with Macros (slides) Uppsala, Jul 2014

Easy Metaprogramming For Everyone! (slides) Berlin, Jun 2014

Macrology 201 (workshop) Oslo, May 2014

Macro-Based Type Providers in Scala (slides) Warsaw, Apr 2014

Rethinking Scala Macros (slides) New York, Mar 2014

Macros vs Types (slides) New York, Mar 2014

What Are Macros Good For? (slides) Amsterdam / Delft, Feb 2014

Scala Macros (poster) Munich, Nov 2013

Philosophy of Scala Macros (slides) St. Louis, Sep 2013

Для чего полезны макросы? (slides) Kyiv, Aug 2013

Scala Macros: Let Our Powers Combine! (slides) Montpellier, Jul 2013

Applied Materialization: When Macros Meet Implicits (slides) San Francisco, Jun 2013

Half a Year in Macro Paradise (slides) New York, Jun 2013

Metaprogramming in Scala 2.10 (slides) Minsk, Apr 2012
Updated to accommodate the changes introduced from April 2012 (2.10.0-M3) to January 2013 (2.10.0-final).
Also available in Japanese (courtesy of Eugene Yokota)
The translated slides roughly correspond to 2.10.0-M7, so they are a bit outdated.

Old talks are archived at Github:

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