Aspect-oriented programming

Object-oriented and functional programming provide quite different and mostly complementing approaches to decomposition, but there are certain aspects (pun intended) of composition that cannot be readily conveniently in either school of thought. These traditionally include such crosscutting concerns as logging, authentication/authorization, caching and so on.

Here is an Emacs Lisp snippet that exemplifies introduction of an advice that gets executed before a certain function (the snippet is courtesy of GNU Emacs Manual, Chapter 17.1 A Simple Advice Example):

(defadvice previous-line (before next-line-at-end
                                 (&optional arg try-vscroll))
  "Insert an empty line when moving up from the top line."
  (if (and next-line-add-newlines (= arg 1)
           (save-excursion (beginning-of-line) (bobp)))

Similar functionality can be implemented either by embedding the advice in a lambda parameter of a macro annotation (@before(...) def previousLine = ...) or by creating a custom macro annotation that would host the desired domain logic). However, this comes with a restriction. Unfortunately, due to statically typed nature of Scala it'd be impossible to advice methods from a different compilation unit.

Also, with the help of annotations on package objects, it might be possible to support, so to say, wildcards for advices, called pointcuts (e.g. here's a pointcut from AspectJ: pointcut set() : execution(* set*(..)) && this(Point)). However, this possibility is unclear at the moment and is subject to additional brainstorming.