My next adventure

Eugene Burmako

For almost five years, I've been a PhD student at EPFL. I greatly enjoyed exploring my ideas of making metaprogramming better and working together with a vibrant community of a highly practical programming language - all that in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. However, five years at our lab is high time to graduate, so I spent several months researching job opportunities, and a few days ago I made a final decision.

Now I'm totally psyched to announce that this fall I'll be joining Twitter's Engineering Effectiveness group. Engineering Effectiveness works on tools and processes that improve productivity of engineers at Twitter, including stuff like build tools, code browsers, source control, etc. Peter Seibel, the tech lead of the group, talks about the mission and the mode of operation of Engineering Effectiveness in his blog post "Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom".

At Twitter, I'll be spending half of my paid time working on my open-source Scala projects (scala.meta, macros, macro paradise and all the great new stuff that's going to come up) and the other half - on making Scala tooling at Twitter better. My future contributions to my projects are guaranteed to be open-source. This is a truly generous arrangement, and I am very grateful to Twitter for this opportunity.

I would also like to use this announcement to share my confidence in Scala. We have a strong and self-sustaining community, and there is a lot of room and drive for groundbreaking innovations. Among exciting job opportunities involving compilers and devtools for other languages, I have picked one centered around Scala - in no small part because I firmly believe that Scala's future is bright.

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