Macro paradise 2.0.0-M2

Eugene Burmako

As we speak, the 2.0.0-M2 version of macro paradise has already been made available at Sonatype and is being prepared to be synced to Maven Central. This release brings fixes to issues #9 and #10, and also takes a tiny stab at #14.

While we're working our way towards the final release scheduled to accompany Scala 2.11.0-final, we plan to address the two blockers that we have so far: #11 (problems with quasiquote helper injection) and #15 (increasing disparity between quasiquotes in 2.10 paradise and 2.11 trunk). We might also manage to fix #14 (c.typeCheck doesn't see declarations from the current scope), but that's a tough one, so it's hard to predict whether we'll make it in time.

Please feel free to contact us with questions, bug reports and new feature proposals either at GitHub or via email. We are looking forward to making sure that paradise works the way you'd like it for your use cases!