Macro paradise

Eugene Burmako

Simultaneously with the release of Scala 2.10.0-final, scheduled for the first week of January 2013, we're going to announce the availability of paradise/macros, a dedicated branch in our official Scala repository which will host the latest macro developments.

When things like macro types, macro annotations or type inference-friendly macros - you name it - get ripe for beta testing, they are going to end up in paradise/macros. Much like the vanilla Scala, macro paradise is going to be built nightly and have its own Maven artifact, so it'll be very easy to use it in your projects.

In this talk I present a couple of new features that will be released into paradise this Christmas, along with a glimpse of the things to come. I also discuss the roadmap of macro development for the near future, so if you want to have something in Scala macros, be sure to take a look and speak up.