Seven use cases added

Eugene Burmako

To be honest, this site, created a few days ago, wasn't intended for going all public right off the bat. Instead, I planned to gradually improve the content and then release it without hassle.

As you can guess, it was a complete surprise for me to hear from Tiark that the site has been mentioned on Hacker News. My first thought was: "Omg, I didn't have the time to write about use cases for macros". And rightly so - the very first comment pointed that "thing that bothers me is the empty 'Use cases' page. Scala macros might be a solution to a problem nobody has". Oh, dear, what a shame!

That's why I tried hard to put up several use cases that I've gathered during the last few months of conversations about macros. I hope that this will alleviate possible misunderstandings that have arisen.

In any case, thanks for your feedback, folks - it's very inspiring to know that project Kepler has found its audience right after the inception!